textured hardwood floors

The best thing about textured hardwood floors is their incredible beauty. They draw in the eyes to feast on unique, rustic details that give a room life and personality. The down side of textured hardwood floors? Well, let’s just say that these special floors—especially hand-scraped floors—are not cheap. Proper maintenance is crucial for keeping textured floors in tip-top shape. But although they hide wear and tear pretty well, there will come a time when textured floors need a little professional TLC to restore their sheen and shine.

Last week, I was called to a home to give an estimate. The homeowner’s textured floors were in bad need of a re-coat, but the last fellas who had been there to give an estimate told her that there was no way to re-coat a textured floor. The floor would need to be sanded down and refinished, thus erasing the dips and divots that gave it character.

Now, as far as some hardwood flooring contractors know, re-coating a textured floor is “impossible.” That’s because in order to re-coat, every square millimeter of the surface of the floor must be abraded so that the new coating will adhere properly. Standard buffing machines are made to abrade a flat, level surface and will skim right over the meticulously carved and hammered hollows and dents. Then, when you apply the new top coat, it won’t stick to the un-roughed-up depressions. It will make a huge mess, and it will cause a lot of sadne$$ and heartache.

But not all hardwood flooring contractors have the same equipment, products, and processes.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been heavily involved in the business of installing, refinishing, and re-coating wood floors, and I’ve always looked for ways to improve processes and outcomes. A problem-solver by nature, I spent several years developing and perfecting a 10-step, proprietary process to successfully re-coat textured, site-finished or pre-finished hardwood floors. As always, I stand by my work—and my word—one hundred percent.

Unfortunately for her floor, the homeowner last week didn’t buy it. “But the other guys said it was impossible. The other guys said that if anyone tries to say it’s possible, they’re lying.” Needless to say, I didn’t get the business, and I feel sorry for her poor, beautiful floor that’s going to be sanded flat, losing all that textured goodness. The “other guys” are going to have to sand it down pretty far to get rid of the valleys, bevels, and cracks, which means another refinishing down the road is probably out of the question. So much for a floor that lasts a lifetime.

If your textured floor is ready for some professional maintenance, don’t make the same mistake! Don’t let anyone tell you a re-coat is impossible, and don’t let them grind away your floor’s unique personality. Instead, contact us at Lifetime Hardwood Floors, and let us extend the life and beauty of your investment with a textured-floor re-coat—guaranteed.

Textured hardwood floor re-coat

A textured floor re-coat I recently completed. Perfect adherence, happy homeowner.


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