Hardwood Species Samples

Custom wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today, there are more styles, colors, and species of wood flooring available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for traditional oak, rustic pine, exotic wenge, or trendy Bamboo, you’re sure to find a color and style to complement your decor.

It’s important to realize that wood, like all organic materials, responds to its environment and changes over time. Before you choose a wood species for your custom hardwood floor, learn about the quirks and characteristics of your top choices to be sure it’s the right fit for you.


Wood Flooring Options

Unfinished Solid Wood is made up of genuine hardwood and is stained and finished after installation. Unfinished wood flooring leaves room for more personalization in the way of stain colors, finish options and design. This option is also a good choice for most areas of the home on the ground level or above.

Prefinished Solid Wood is made up of genuine hardwood and is stained and finished in a factory. This option is often selected because there is no sanding involved in the installation process, thus eliminating the hassle of the dust mess.

Engineered Wood consists of several layers of solid wood pressed and glued together, with the grains running in different directions, and a top layer of hardwood veneer. It is stained and treated with urethane or aluminum oxide. Engineered wood flooring is designed to be more dimensionally stable, making it less likely to buckle or cup in areas subject to high moisture content. It is ideal for use in basements where moisture is likely to cause problems for solid wood flooring.