The Floor Doctor: Trevor Hayden

Not every worn hardwood floor needs expensive refinishing to look great again. The Floor Doctor specializes in making your shabby hardwood or engineered floors fabulous once more, whether they just need a good, deep cleaning or theyve become dull, discolored, or worn from heavy traffic and need a recoat.

Trevor Hayden is The Floor Doctor, bringing 30 years of hardwood experience and coveted Bona certification to tired, old floors in Omaha. Trevor learned long ago that too many floors being refinished or replaced would be better off restored with less-invasive, less-intrusive, and less-expensive processes. Using the latest tools and technologies and exceeding the industrys standards and best-practices, The Floor Doctor rescues and renews hardwood floors with a Deep Clean or a Buff & Coat.

Deep Cleaning Wood Floors

Over time, hardwood floors become dull, even with light or normal wear and tear. No matter how diligent you are about keeping your floors clean, daily hardwood floor maintenance doesnt remove all of the dirt, grease, oil, and other substances that adhere to the floor. These substances get into the cracks and crevices and contribute to an overall lifeless, lustreless floor. Any worn hardwood floor can be restored to a gorgeous glow with a Floor Doctor Deep Clean.

First, we give your floor a deep orbital cleaning with our (link?) Dirt Dragon, which removes dirt, silicones, greases, and oils. Next, we vacuum the floor with our state-of-the-art, HEPA-filter containment system, which removes every speck of dust and debris from the floor. Then, we apply the luxurious Floor Doctor Ultra Citra Kleen floor cleaner, hand-abrade any trouble spots, and fill any cracks. Finally, we apply a rejuvenating, environmentally friendly, and low-VOC water-based top coat to restore the floor to a gleaming shine.

A Deep Clean takes just a few hours and doesnt require moving out the furniture. It lasts for around three months and helps to protect the finish on your hardwood floors.

Restore Your Wood Floor With a Buff and Coat

For hardwood floors with a little more wear and tear, a Buff & Coat is just the thing to bring a high, smooth shine back to your floors. Our Buff & Coat is more thorough than the local industry standard, involving multiple steps to ensure the job is done right.

The first step is a good scrubbing with the Dirt Dragon to remove silcones, greases, and oils. Then, we buff the floor with our unique square, oscillating buffer to lightly abrade the old finish without putting swirls in it. This removes light scratches from the floors surface. If your floors are heavily worn, uneven, or textured, well use a chemical etching process to abrade the existing finish to ensure the top coat will adhere to every inch of the floor. After vacuuming with our powerful dust containment system, we give the floor another scrubbing with the Dragon. Then, we apply our two-part, environmentally friendly top coat. This high-quality coating is water-based, low-VOC, low-odor, and it dries three times faster than oil-based finishes.

Our Buff & Coat process usually takes just one day, so you should be back in your rooms by dinnertime. Once the floor is recoated, itll look its best for several years. Ideally, you should order a Buff & Coat every five years or so to protect your floor and maintain its warm, luscious sheen.

Call the Floor Doctor Today – Free Consultation and Estimate

If your floor has lost its shine or fallen victim to scuffs and scrapes, theres hope for redemption without a costly, dusty, and time-intensive refinish. Save your money, and call Lifetime Hardwood Floors instead. The Floor Doctor will come look at your floors for free and discuss your options with you. Then, well get to work and have your floor restored back to its old, ravishing self in a single day. 402-957-3919

Restoration Example

Before Restoration

After Restoration