The Floor Doctor Just like you, your hardwood floor needs to get a checkup, luckily the Floor Doctor is here to assist you. The best part is, the Floor Doctor offers a free house call to diagnose any floor ailments or potential need for enhancements. There is definitely a HUGE misconception in the hardwood flooring industry that new refinishing procedures are necessary to make your home feel new again. Whether your hardwood floor has dulled, changed colors, or has been victimized by relentless wear from pets; there is no challenge the Floor Doctor can’t handle. Hardwood floor cleaning services is a good way to think smarter, not harder in this new year.

floordrfloorFloor Doctor, founded by Trevor Hayden, offers nearly 30 years of Hardwood Flooring experience and can answer just about any question that you may have. He started in the industry when he was 11 years old with his uncles and even put himself through college installing hardwood floors. As time progressed, Trevor started to realize that the same hardwood floors that were being replaced would have been better off being restored. The money homeowners had to put into the new hardwood floor could have been better spent on a rug and new furniture set to compliment the beautifully restored hardwood floor. So after many years, the solution is being put into action and the Floor Doctor is here to save you time and money.

Floor Doctor has something for just about everybody, whether a good hardwood floor cleaning fits in your budget or not. We have cleaning kits for those who take the more hands on approach, the kit comes with Floor Doctor’s ultra clean formula, the mop head, and pole. If you already have a mop then you can just purchase the formula that has proven to work wonders on hardwood floors. The actually price per square foot is extremely competitive and you might just find out that you would rather have a professional come and show you all the options that Floor Doctor brings to the table. You can even give us a call just to ask questions, there is nothing worse then having a problem and having no idea what to do about it. Floor Doctor wants to not just make you a client, but also to be your friend so that you have somebody who is as invested in your hardwood floor as you are. So give Floor Doctor a call, and make your home feel brand new again.

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Floor Doctor Products


cleanandcoat Clean & Coat

Not every dull or damaged hardwood floor requires expensive refinishing procedures. The Floor Doctor has designed several cost saving options that will bring back the original luster of your hardwood floors quickly and easily.

Clean & Coat is a perfect fit for active families, sports courts, school gymnasiums, or floors that just need to be rejuvenated. First we start by taking a moisture content reading followed by a swirl etching free orbital cleaning.  We then provide a thorough vacuuming using our 100% dust free containment with a truck mounted system.  Other companies claim 100% dust free containment, but the Floor Doctor will prove it!  Next, we apply the exclusive Floor Doctor Ultra Citra Kleen floor cleaner, hand abrade in necessary spots and thoroughly wipe down. Finally, we fill any cracks and apply a rejuvenating coat.

oilbasebuffandcoatOil Base  Buff & Coat

Have your hardwood floors experienced water damage, luster loss, roller groves, etc?You may want to consider a Floor Doctor Oil Based Buff and Coat.

Oil Based cleaning can penetrate your damaged floor and extend the life of your hardwood investment. Using our swirl tree buff sanding tool, we will prepare your floor for a deep cleaning that will have your floors looking their best in no time.  As with all Floor Doctor services, we will provide a 100% dust free containment process to keep your home looking neat and tidy; not just a bagged sander like those other guys.  Next we will wipe down and apply a fresh coat of finish and fill any cracks the following day. Ask the Floor Doctor care professional if an Oil Based finish for you.

waterbasebuffandcoatWater Base Buff & Coat

Often misunderstood as “cheaper” than an Oil Based finish, the Floor Doctor’s exclusive Water Based Buff & Coat includes an enhanced catalyst additive that will provide outstanding durability.

This environmentally friendly option will also dry 3 times as fast as oil based finishes and avoid chemical odor.

For a Superior finish and unmatched durability, ask  the Floor Doctor if this option best fits your hardwood floor needs.

Restoration Example

Before Restoration

After Restoration

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