Why Wood Flooring?

Homeowners often look for a floor covering that will be durable, attractive and easy to maintain. With a top grade, real wood floor from Lifetime Hardwood Floors you will find the one flooring option that provides a lifetime of beauty while increasing the value of your home.

With hardwood’s natural density and beauty and over twenty species to choose from, you will easily find a color and grain that best matches the style and décor of your home, while meeting the needs of your own personal lifestyle.



The decision to install a hardwood floor is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make, as it is an investment that will not only change the look of the home but will ultimately make the home more valuable.

Unlike any other floor covering option, hardwood floors are durable enough to withstand the normal wear and tear of the average household conditions, such as children, pets and furniture. Linoleum tears easily, carpet stains and wears down, tile is cold and unwelcoming, but hardwood floors are warm, beautiful and durable, maintaining their original beauty and value with only an occasional recoating or refinishing. With the proper care and maintenance hardwood floors will last a lifetime, so why waste time and money on anything else?



If your hardwood floors are looking dull, perhaps it’s time for a buff and recoat. The National Wood Flooring Association recommends recoating your hardwood floors every 2-3 years, depending on the amount of traffic in your home and the type of elements to which your floor has been exposed.

Regular cleaning with a professional cleaning product, such as Citra Sheen, helps to keep your floor’s finish looking new, but over time, it becomes necessary to apply a new coat of finish for continued protection and to maintain that shine.



Refinishing hardwood floors has never been easier! With our Atomic Dust Containment system, we can bring back the natural beauty of your hardwood floors in just a few days time, while protecting your home and your health.

The sanding process generates a great deal of dust, which is a known carcinogen, and some varnishes used in older homes contain lead. These two toxins combined can create a very harmful environment for your family. The Wisconsin Division of Public Health found that 73% of 80 varnish samples collected from test sites exceeded safety limits for lead exposure set by the US Consumer Product Commission.

Our dust containment system completely evacuates the dust generated by the sanding process, providing superior protection for your family, while greatly reducing the amount of cleanup necessary when the job is completed. This is why we feel safer using the Bona X Atomic Dust Containment System.