Bad Haircut at a salon similar to cheap floor refinish.

You wouldn’t get your hair cut by an amature, why would you hire a 2nd rate flooring contractor?

Just like a cheap haircut, budget hardwood floor re-coating can be disastrous.

A bad hardwood floor re-coat job can really ruin your day, much like a bad haircut or sloppy manicure. The difference is that your hair and nails grow back, and even the most expensive haircut is far cheaper than the cheapest re-coat. But in many ways, getting your floor recoated is like a salon visit. Here are 5 ways a re-coat is a lot like gettin’ your hair and nails done.

1. Re-coating can save money but just like your salon, be suspicious of low prices.

Saving money on a haircut by ducking into the nearest strip-mall Kut ’n’ Kurl is more likely to produce far more bad hair days than booking a spot at a higher-end salon. You may pay more at the nicer salon, but it’s worth it, because you’re paying for the superior skill, expertise, and experience of the hairdresser, and you’re paying for top-of-the-line tools and superior products. As a result, you walk out with a gorgeous hairstyle that always falls right and is easy to maintain. The cut is perfectly layered, the color is even, and your hair has the luscious sheen that comes from a job done right.

A budget hardwood floor re-coat can do a number on your hardwood floors, leaving you wishing you’d sprung for the higher bid from the guy who really seemed to know his stuff. If you get a bad budget haircut, at least your hair will grow back. Once a cheap contractor damages your floor or improperly re-coats it, fixing it will require far more resources than it would have taken to hire a reputable, experienced contractor in the first place.

2. It doesn’t have to be stinky. Today’s wood floor re-coating products are low odor.

Traditional nail polishes stink to high heck. They seem to take forever to air dry, and during the drying process, anything that touches your nails, like dust or pet fur, will stick to them and mar the finish. Thankfully, technology has given us odor-free gel nails, which are strong, and durable and cure nearly instantly with UV or LED lights.

Happily, the same UV and LED technology can be used to cure your floors instantly after a re-coat. Not all hardwood flooring companies offer these curing techniques due to their cost and need for specialized expertise. Lifetime Hardwood Floors offers both. LED curing, the very latest in hardwood floors, involves extremely tough hard wax oils that penetrate deeply into the wood to provide superior durability and moisture resistance. Best of all, they contain no solvents and emit no odor or VOCs, and they cure instantly, which means you’re back in your home in a single day. If you choose to go the air-drying route, don’t worry—we use a low-odor, two-part, water-based coating that emits fewer VOCs than oil-based coatings.

3. Just like the salon, successful floor refinishing depends on the right tools.

If texturizing shears are used to layer your hair, you’re looking at a botched haircut. It simply won’t work out. Having all the right tools on hand for the job, and knowing which tool is the best to use in any given situation, is essential for a hairdresser and floor contractor alike. But not just any tools will do. Higher quality tools produce better results than inexpensive tools. For example, the hairdressers at the Kut ’n’ Kurl probably spend upwards of $100 for a pair of scissors. By contrast, more experienced hairdressers at higher-end salons likely spend $1,000 or more for scissors.

A hardwood flooring contractor should have all the latest tools and technologies at their disposal and should know how and when to use them, such as a square buffer vs a round buffer, or the UV vs. LED machine, or the many different grits of sandpaper.

4. Like Hair, floor maintenance is all about using the right products.

Surely you wouldn’t spring for an expensive color job and then wash and condition your hair with cheap, waxy, chemical-laden products. To keep your hair looking great between color jobs, you’d use high-quality products designed to preserve the color and sheen. It’s the same with a re-coat. The products you use on your floor will make or break the re-coat job. Mass-produced, supermarket products like Mop ’n’ Glo do far more damage to your floor than letting your kid skateboard on them. They take away the sheen and shine and can seriously compromise the coating. A reputable hardwood flooring contractor will only recommend the highest-quality products that are designed and formulated to keep your floors clean and looking brand-new for years after a re-coat.

5. Finding someone you trust to do the job right is priceless.

When you finally find a hairdresser who gives you the best haircut you’ve ever had, you’re probably going to be a loyal customer for a long time. Every time you visit the salon, you go in with confidence, knowing you’re about to get a great look. Your hairdresser knows your hair and can give you great advice and recommend excellent products to keep it looking great. If a problem comes up, such as dandruff or frizz, your hairdresser will know just what to do.

Choosing a hardwood flooring contractor you trust and building a relationship means that you always know who to call for floor-related issues, and you can rest assured your contractor will know exactly what to do in any situation. You know that your contractor knows your floors and has your back. The peace of mind that comes with knowing who to call is priceless.

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