LVT Flooring: A Healthy Choice for Healthcare

When you think about the safety and cleanliness of a hospital, assisted living, or other healthcare facility, what's the first thing you think about? Is it accessibility? Cleanliness? The smell?  You probably didn't think about the flooring, but you should. Some flooring is just not suitable for healthcare facilities. Flooring that is slick or uneven can cause falls. Hard to clean flooring can harbor bacteria and mold, and some flooring is not very forgiving to [...]

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Commercial LVT Flooring: Why it’s Good for Business

If you love the look of hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile floors, but your budget says think again, commercial LVT flooring is for you. Commercial LVT, also known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, is a waterproof and durable alternative to laminate and hardwood flooring with numerous colors and styles available. Commercial LVT can fit the space and budget of small boutique owners and large medical facilities alike. Many styles of LVT are waterproof, making [...]

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For Commercial Wood Flooring, A UV Re-Coat Saves Time and Money

Commercial wood flooring sees a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The average business needs to have their wood floors completely refinished every one to five years, depending on the amount of traffic they get. With a regular simple re-coat, though, you can put off that big refinishing job indefinitely. Re-coating the hardwood floors in your business restores their shine and protects them with a new topcoat—the sacrificial topcoat, which wears down [...]

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